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's gathering we'll know who will be carrying out these policies. >> we will indeed. >> raheema ellis here with us for the past few days, thank you. >>> the supreme court has agreed to take up a case that's going to decide if a police officer can get a blood sample from a suspected drunk driver without having a warrant. it's a case from missouri where blood was drawn from the suspect without his consent. the trial court ruled it violated his right to be free of unreasonable search and seizure under the fourth amendment. another court disagreed, and now the supreme court will decide the case next year. >>> when we continue from new york on a tuesday night, they called it a catch, but by which team and which ref for that matter? the bad call heard around the football world has spanned across the country, howling mad at the nfl, and later apartment slightly larger than a toaster oven in a major american city is going to force a lot of folks to ask themselves how small a place they can possibly live in? >>> last night at the end of the monday night game, it was almost as if you could run to th
to an end. nbc's education correspondent rehema ellis is in chicago with more. good morning, raheema. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. 98% of the teacher delegates voted to suspend the strike and go back to class in the nation's third largest school district. it still has to be ratified by the 30,000 members of the rank and file in a couple of weeks, but that's a formality and that heads off a confrontation with chicago's mayor who threatened to go to course to force an end to the strike the under theters of the new contract the teachers get a 7% pay increase, 30% of their salary will be based on students' performance on test scores, and while principals will make hiring, 50% of the hirings have to come from laid-off teachers. today kids back in class in chicago much to the relief of their parents. natalie? >> much relief there. rehema ellis in chicago, thanks. >>> nbc kicks off its third annual education nation summit this sunday. we'll have full coverage here on nbc, and can you stream it all live on >>> a tiny ancient scrap of papyrus is sparking a huge rel
its second week. rehema ellis is in chicago with new developments with us. raheema, good morning. >> reporter: chicago mayor rahm emanuel plans to bring the strike to an end by going to court. city lawyers will be seeking an injunction to force the teachers back into the classroom. the mayor says this is a strike of choice and students are being used as pawns. teachers met sunday and failed to vote on a tentative agreement. issues still remain over job security. there will be no negotiations today because of a jewish holiday so the earliest school can resume is wednesday unless, of course, the court does give the city that injunction and forces the teachers back to school sooner. tamron. >> all right, raheema, thank you. >>> an italian gossip magazine published a 26-page spread of topless photos of william's wife kate today despite legal actions in france against the magazine that published them first. the royal couple's lawyers are in court seeking criminal charges for invasion of privacy against the photographer who took those pictures. >>> now for a look at what's trending tod
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)